PARTAP ASSOCIATES ( was established in 1998. We are committed to deliver highest possible quality and lavish care on both fundamental design ideas as well as minute details. PARTAP ASSOCIATES works in the areas of office building design, banquet hall design, marriage palace design, institutional building design, industrial architecture, residential building design, hospital design etc.

Our work focuses on creating harmony between people & the built spaces with constant innovation & a continuous process of design appraisal of our own work thus creating more civilized & successful built environment with our architectural design in various sectors from small house to villas, small shop to factory, bungalows, residential buildings, commercial development, retail & hospitality design.

We owe for our success to our multidisciplinary team of intellectual and experienced designers for creating iconic structures which have become architectural landmarks.Constant interaction & exchanging ideas with clients help us live it to their expectation & delivering the best & most innovative design solutions in all terms from best design.

Today, we have spread our wings beyond the country in the field of Vastu.
Our collaboration with a highly reputed international company enables us to provide best services in architectural presentation throughout the world.